Section 1

The President shall preside at all meetings, preserve order, prevent interruptions, appoint all committees not otherwise ordered and sign all orders with the Secretary-Treasurer.

He shall have the power to call special meetings of this Council when, in his judgment, such action is necessary. He shall have general supervision over all the business of this Council and shall have the power to represent this Council between meetings, submitting any action taken by him, to the Council for ratification or rejection before such action shall be final.

He shall attend all meetings, both stated and special, and shall appoint, at the first meeting after his installation, all committees as may be necessary. He shall also perform such other duties as are usually performed by a presiding officer and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

In the event that the President is not compensated for lost time and expenses incurred for business related to the Council by his local or the International or the District, such expenses and a salary for each day involved, computed at the prevailing longshore rate, will be paid by the Council.

Section 2

The Vice President shall assist the President when the Council is in session. In the absence or the disability of the President, the Vice President shall perform all duties incumbent upon the President. In the absence of both the President and Vice-President, the Secretary-Treasurer shall call the meeting ten minutes after the appointed time, and then the Council shall proceed to elect a President Pro-Tem who shall exercise all the duties of President for the meeting. Either the President or Vice-President may call upon any delegate present to act as Chairman, if they wish to debate on any subject before the Council.

Section 3

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Council, and shall inscribe them in a minutes book; he shall have the minutes book present at each meeting and shall be held responsible for the records of the Council.

He shall procure all necessary stationery needed to properly conduct his office. He shall note the names of absentees at meetings and incorporate them in his minutes. He shall sign all documents ordered by this Council, appertaining thereto, notify all delegates of special meetings, as to time and place designated, when so ordered by the President. He shall attend all meetings, both regular and special, and have all books, papers, etc., necessary to conduct the business of a meeting and perform all other duties usually required of a Secretary-Treasurer.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall submit an agenda concerning all items to be brought before the Council, to each local ten days prior to the next scheduled council meeting.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect all money due to the Council, giving his receipts for same, keep an accurate account between the Council and its affiliated locals, pay all bills ordered by the Council, after being acted upon by the Council in an open meeting, and all checks drawn and signed by the Secretary-Treasurer must be countersigned by the President.

He shall make a detailed report of receipts and disbursements at each Council meeting. He shall make annual reports showing the condition of the treasury. He shall have his books posted and in proper condition to be examined, upon request, by the Council, after the end of each thirty days.

For the faithful performance of his duties, the Secretary-Treasurer’s salary shall be paid at the prevailing longshore rate for each day worked.

He shall, at the expiration of his term of office, turn over to his successor in office, within thirty days, all papers, documents, etc., the property of the Council, clear of all encumbrances.

He shall give a bond of a minimum of 10% of the monies estimated to pass through his hands, acceptable to the Council. Any fee or cost for the said bond shall be paid by the Council. He shall attend all regular or special meetings and perform such other duties as are usually required of a Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 4

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer shall assist the Secretary-Treasurer in the performance of all the aforementioned duties. The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer in the absence of, or the disability of the Secretary-Treasurer shall perform all duties incumbent upon the Secretary-Treasurer.In the absence of both the Secretaries, the President shall appoint a Secretary Pro-TemSection 5.SERGEANT-AT-ARMSThe Sergeant-At-Arms duties shall be to take charge of the door, assist the President and Vice-President in keeping order, and admit no one without the proper password, nor allow anyone to retire without permission of the President or Vice-President.

Section 6

The Chaplin will open and close all meetings with prayer. He will remain available during the meetings for special circumstances as declared by the President.

Section 7

The Auditing Committee shall consist of two (2) members and they shall, on a quarterly basis, review the financials of the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council, and report the same to the body. The Secretary-Treasurer shall send to the Auditing Committee members the necessary paperwork and financials in a timely manner for them to complete their task.

Section 8

Any Officer or member other than the Secretary-Treasure or President must be authorized by the Council in order to be paid for lost time and expenses.

Section 9

When a delegate-elect is to be sworn in all delegates shall rise and remain to stand until the candidate has given his assent to the obligation. He shall recite the following:

I (state his name), do most solemnly promise on my honor as a man, and as a member of this Council, that I will keep secret, any and all matters of business transacted here, unless by permission of its proper officers; that I will do all in my power to advance the use and sale of articles bearing the union label; and I hereby renew all allegiance to the principles of unionism as laid down in the preamble of the International Longshoremen’s Association –SO HELP ME GOD.

Section 10

Section 1. Each affiliated Local Union of the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council, in accordance with a resolution of the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council, shall pay as dues and assessments one dollar ($1.00) per month, per member; with the understanding that this assessment will commence January 1, 1980, and will be paid on a quarterly basis, in advance.

Section 2. There shall be no fees or assessments imposed unless such shall have been adopted, except in accordance with the provisions of Section 101 (a) (3) (B) of Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959.Section 11.REINSTATEMENTAny local wishing to be reinstated to this Council must pay all monies owed, up to a maximum of two (2) full years. However, the Council may approve a payment schedule for monies owed to the Council by a local who is in arrears on its dues.

Section 12

All assessments or local union fines from Delegates or Local Unions become due when imposed, and must be paid before paying per capita dues. No Delegate shall be allowed to vote or participate in any meeting if his local is in arrears in any assessment, fine, or per capita dues. Any local or individual shall receive reasonable written notice of arrearages, certified by mail, and be given to the delinquent local or individual before it participation and vote are suspended.

Section 13

Whenever a committee is holding money, which is the property of the Council, it shall at the next regular meeting after completing their work, deliver the same into the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer, together with all vouchers and accounts, and in no case shall a committee be discharged until all bills are paid, created by them, and they are reimbursed for their expense (if any), providing the Council has originally agreed to do so.

All special committees must make a report at each meeting of the Council.

Any delegate who defrauds a fellow delegate or commits an offense discreditable to the Council shall be expelled. After charges have been filed with the Council, a hearing was conducted, and the findings and the right of appeal were either waived or exhausted.

Any officer or delegate who fraudulently receives, or who attempts to misapply monies of the Council entrusted to him, or who embezzles the funds, shall be expelled and forever debarred from membership in the Council. After charges have been filed with the Council, a hearing was conducted, and the findings and the right of appeal were either waived or exhausted.

Section 14

Section 1. All matters referred to this Council for adjustment, either between locals or between locals and their employers, must be referred to this Council in writing; provided, that all locals shall first use all reasonable and honorable means at their disposal to adjust any and all such grievances themselves.

Section 2. All such reports, all differences or disputes must in all cases be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer at the first regular meeting of the Council, or at a special meeting called for this purpose, in case such complaint required immediate action.


In the event that any provision of this Constitution and By-Laws is in the opinion of the legal Council, or the International, to be in violation of, or insufficient under any applicable law, then such provision shall be null and void.

Fraternally submitted,
By the Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Jess R Babich, Chairman
Romia Johnson, Secretary
Clarence Pittman, Committeeman
Kerry D. Scott, Committeeman
Kenneth Riley, Committeeman
Benjamin Bryan, Committeeman
David Hogan, Committeeman

Approved ________________________________
(Date) _______________

By the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council, ILA

Charles F Spencer, President
Wilbert Rowell, Vice President
Romia Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer