The Southeastern Dock and Marine Council shall be comprised of all Locals beginning with those in Morehead City, North Carolina, continuing southward along the Atlantic Coast to the southern most tip of Florida, and those in Tampa, Florida, continuing southward along the Gulf Coast to the southern most tip of Florida.

The object and purpose of the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council are hereby declared to be the cementing together of the different organizations employed in the handling of imports and exports of products in the above-named ports; to aid and support each other, as far as possible, in obtaining just and fair remuneration for the different classes of labor engaged therein; to place the different organizations on the same footing as regards to wages or compensation for similar classes of work, thereby protecting each other from unfair and unjust methods of unfair employers in dealing with weak employees.

To systemize and harmonize any difference arising between the different organizations engaged in similar lines of work, or between different organizations, as well as between employers and employees engaged in marine commerce in the above-named ports and vicinities.

To endeavor to act as a mediator between employers and employees in any branch of business represented in this organization, and to promote the interest and welfare of each and every organization and member connected therein.

To use all possible endeavors to prevent any disagreements between employers and employees that would endanger the kindly spirit and friendly feeling that should ever be present between men having business dealings, and especially between men so intimately related as employers and employees.

To endeavor by our actions to increase the business of the ports comprising the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council, thus enabling us, in the capacity of organizations, and as individuals, to increase our earning and strengthen our membership and our standing in the community, individually and collectively.

To prevent, if possible, any strikes, lockouts, or any interruptions to the full and free intercourse of commerce to and through the ports comprising the Southeastern Dock and Marine Council and vicinities, realizing that strikes and lockouts are like a war between nations; that while at times they are unavoidable, they are never without serious loss and inconvenience to the parties involved, but injurious to parties not directly interested, and in many cases, the winner is also the loser; and while we know our rights, and will insist on maintaining them, we concede that others not connected with us through organizations, also have rights which we are in honor bound to respect, and we shall endeavor to have others have the same respect for our rights as we have for theirs.

To maintain a high standard of morality among our membership, ensuring that respect and confidence of the community, and taking the place which rightfully belongs to the producer of wealth in this great American country; to elevate the standard of American workmen, and to enable our membership to secure compensation adequate to the services rendered, thus enabling them to properly raise and educate their families to take their place among the citizens and wage-earners of a free and intelligent people.

It is understood that references in the By-Laws, and or Constitution to the male gender such as he, his, him, man, or men are for the purposes of brevity and such words shall be read as being synonymous and/or similar to the words she, her, woman or women, it being the intent of these By-Laws, and /or Constitution that they are gender-neutral and applicable equally to men and women.